What is Trail Riding Australia inc? is an Association of Australian Trail Horse Riding Clubs from across the “Sunburnt Country “.

TRA Clubs offer a friendly relaxed approach to non-competitive horse riding. From the trails in the dusty red heart and the west, over the rugged mountains of ‘ the Divide ‘ to tracks in the tropical north and the green fringe, we all have in common, the love of horses and riding with family and friends. came to life on January 2nd 2011 when a group of longtime trailriders of clubs from different states of Australia, met in a secluded tin shed atop a mist-shrouded mountain .

The outcome is a new National Association of Trailhorse Riding Clubs. The Members of this foundation and new clubs are the most highly valued asset of this Association

Click on T.R.A inc, Clubs, Rides and Events to see main events or scroll down the list of Clubs, read their newsletters to check out their rides.

Read through the Code of Conduct to see what TRA inc. is about – fun safe activity, based on “Common Sense” guidelines – actually these could be encapsulated in 3 lines

Look after your Cobbers *

Respect the bush

Enjoy the ride


No Clubs Near You ?

No worries. Get a group of Horse Riding friends together and form a local club.
T.R.A will support you with all necessary forms and years of experience to get your Club happening.


The Waiver Form and the Incident Report Form can be found and printed off from the Form Page. All other Forms are available from your Club Committee Members or TRA Secretary New Clubs contact TRA Secretary for relevant forms.

“Tho’ it only be a mile , still ride it with a smile
for your horse has lent you power to feel the
breeze from up above”
marco 2011

Please pop back in to watch as we grow

cheers from T.R.A Clubs & Riders

* for those young folk among us “Cobber” is Australian for mate , good friend , includes your horse.