Are you ready to go Trailriding?

How much do you know about me and what I can do?


Keep your eye on this page and I’ll bring you up to speed on what I reckon are the most important things to consider when getting into and going Trailriding



 Since I or one of my mates are the ones carrying you around , it makes sense to me to give it to you straight from  the horses mouth
Me being the horse in the piccie above . You cant see my handsome looking dial cause I can do without the attention that goes along with being a star on the net.
Just some broadranging info first, then we’ll get into the nitty gritty

First, you gotta like horses.

If you cant control your negative emotions, think carefully before you even get started.
An angry person on, or real close to a horse can get hurt.
We are made of muscle,big bones and leather, with lightning quick reflexes and can get a fright fairly quick.
When you have been hunted by lions, wolves, big sharpclawed birds and hungry men for in some cases millions of years, the memories and knowledge passed from mare to foal keeps us on our toes and alive.
Ok I know there are no pterodactyls dropping out of the sky to get me but, what if some dopey rider is sittin on my back and it starts to rain, he goes to put on his dryzabone all flappin and arms stretched out sideways. Now, maybe I’ve never seen that before, could cause me to feel a bit edgey. I move, he falls off, bad day at the office.
So here is the tip, dont get cranky, do stuff at home , help me out so neither of us gets a surprise, just a bit of
imagination and lots of patience.
If you are looking to buy a horse to get started, then for Trailriding you need to get a Tobiano-buckskin blackfooted paint with a silver tail. ?
If you believe that, then my owner has a mate who’ll sell you a block of waterfront land at Birdsville.
A good trailhorse can be any colour !
Now you have a horse, you might want to get out and about so may need to have a happy floater/trucker.
I have been in and out of lots over my 30 years no problem but now and again some of my mates have a bit of  trouble. You need a cup of knowledge and a bucketfull of patience
If you’re having trouble and are not confident about doing the float loading training yourself, then there’s a lot of horse gurus out there who can help. Some of them even reckon if they had the contract to load the animals on the Ark for Noah , we’d still have Unicorns running about.
Main point, if you’re not happy/comfortable with the way the “trainer” is treating your horse and doing the job, stand up and find someone else, or, learn yourself.  The last thing you need is to have to scare us onto the float each time. I’ve shared the odd trip with scared travellers and its not too flash. Help us out, its a big thing for a horse to go into a wobbly tin box, but, we can learn that its no worries

Ok, there are a lot of horses that float easy and happy , live in a neat flat mown paddock or stables with a bit of turnout space, toddle off to shows , do a fair bit of arena work and nothing wrong with that.
We have a young gelding just next paddock to me , big lad, warmblood, name of  Kelacshun’etnycost the 3rd.
nice boy, loves tartin up for shows, enjoys his rider, but one day out for a bit of a change bein ridden in the back paddock, comes across what humans call a ” creek” . The only time he sees water moving is when he gets a wash or old mate big Clydy has a wee. To have water that wide, crawling across the grass with rocks at the edge , no way was he treading in that, could be deeper than the top of his ears. Now its not that he’s a coward, he can handle flags and bunting, sideshow alley and all the noisy rides , has to deal with them at all the shows he goes to, his rider was smart enough to go slow , let him get used to all that commotion. The creek was something else. One of the problems is, we horses dont have good depth perception ie; cant see if a puddle is 5cm or 50 cm deep and we hate gettin stuck in the mud.
Was a good ending , his rider was patient, took the time and now Kel can handle walking through big moving water .


if old mate gets to weein on the tar ,hope you got your gumboots on